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Board Rules

Inappropriate language:

No vulgar language is permitted. This includes religious profanities and exclamations. Variations of offensive language are not permitted.

Inappropriate media:

Inappropriate images, video and audio are not permitted. This includes those depicting gore, violence, racism, sex, nudity and those resembling these.

Verbal abuse:

No verbal abuse is permitted. This includes name calling, bullying, etc. This includes players, coaches, etc.

Political posts:

Political posts will be permitted only if they have relevance to the sports world.

Copyrighted material:

Posting of copyrighted material is not allowed.

False information:

No posting of fales information.

Religious material:

Religious material is only allowed if the topic is relevant to the team or sport referenced.

Spamming and commercial material:

No spamming or promoting any business of any kind. You can contact us if you desire to promote a product or company through our banner and stick post system.

Paid material

Posting of material provided to paid membership sites is not permitted.